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Zeus is the son of Rhea and Cronus, the second king of gods. Unsatisfied with his father's tyranny, with his brother's help, he over threw his father and became the third king of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus. He took thunder and lightning as his weapons to maintain order between heaven and earth.

Zeus - He was not a strict, perfect king, and that's why the world was interesting.

Class: Lightning MageEdit

These mages can summon lightning to inflict heavy damage on units with metal armor, and long metal weapons.

Skill: Chain LightningEdit

Powerful electric attack that damages all enemy troops. Chain Lightning Cards can be found at Dark Jungle 9.


Lightning Mages are powerful offensive Magi, similar to Sorcerers but with a couple twists. First of all, their normal attack chooses its target completely at random, making it somewhat difficult to use them strategically. Also, their skill Chain Lightning does not do increased damage to a single unit but rather does slightly decreased damage to ALL enemy units. This makes Chain Lightning a potentially devastating attack. The problem lies in the fact that Lightning Mages are very weak on defense, and so it can be difficult to provide enough protection for them to make use of their skill before being eliminated. It should also be noted that Lightning attacks do increased damage to Lancers, Halberdiers, Rodelero, and Legionnaires.

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