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Female disciple and lover of the legendary wizard Merlin. Fearing that Merlin would use magic to subdue her, she learned all she can fom the great wizard before turning against him and enchanting him to eternal slumber inside a hollow oak.

Vivian - Only I can subdue the great wizard of Arthur's court.

Class: PriestEdit

A special unit that can treat wounded soldiers.

Skill: Spring OdeEdit

Spring Ode can be used to restore all of a soldier's vitality. Spring Ode cards can be found at Dragon Valley 1.


Priests are similar to the Magic Drummer in that they have no attack. They only serve to heal other units around them using the Spring Ode skill every turn. For this reason, Priests have no morality bar since they can simply use their skill every turn. Contrary to the Magic Drummer, the heal amount is dependant on their skill's level. It should be clear that Priests belong either in the 2nd or 3rd row with defensive units in front to protect them.

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