You can choose to become a VIP in the game by purchasing this status upgrade with diamonds. Benefits of turning on this feature includes; reduced prices in the shop, increased experience while training your heroes, automated production on your buildings, and special cosmetic upgrades to your buildings.

VIP benefits

VIP benefit and cosmetic changes.

You can claim a free 14 days worth of VIP status when you start the game by redeming it from the welcome gifts screen. Just visit the screen on the 7th day after your initial play session in order to unlock this feature.

Initial VIP

VIP status come in tiers, with higher tiers featuring better benefits and rewards. Each tier is unlocked based on the total length of your VIP purchase. If you purchased 90 days worth of VIP, you will gain a VIP tier 2 status, if you purchased 180 days, you will gain a VIP tier 3 status. The tier system is based on your total purchase history, so if you bought 90 Days worth of VIP today, and 90 more days in the future, it will count as 180 total days purchased, and grant you VIP tier 3 privileges.


Once your purchased VIP time limit expires, all the VIP abilities you have will come to an end; you will still remain on the VIP tier you have reached, and you can continue to enjoy its privileges once you reinstate your VIP status.

VIP automated productionEdit

When you obtain VIP status, you unlock the automate production settings found on your buildings in the "Build" tab. You can adjust settings here to have your buildings automatically produce resources for you even while you are offline. The Auto-production interval is based on your current VIP tier, with higher tier having lower time interval between each automated production.

VIP Settings

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