The term "Overlander" is an Australian term for Jackaroos that would roam rurual Australia looking for work.

The Overlanders are no longer an active Guild after the were invited to merge with the Angels of Death.


Guild Mistress: Razorgirl
Razorgirl is the founder of the Overlanders. She has been a roleplayer for many years, specialising in Classic White Wolf games, Legend of the Five Rings, Fading Suns, Dead Lands and Cyberpunk. She is an Admin for the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Facebook game Wiki, and founded the Wiki for Zynga's Legends: Rise of a Hero facebook game.

Sergeant: Dan Tan
Daniel was one of the founding members of the Overlanders. He is an experienced live action roleplayer and computer gamer, with an eye for crating competetive set ups in games.


Membership to the Guild is restricted through the game's setup mechanics, but they'll happilly take anyone that is friendly and not a pervy stalker.

While the Guild doesn't have any daily requirements (we understand that it is a game and that some people have a life outside of a Facebook game), we do expect that people will pull their weight by investing in the Guild as much as they can, and battling the Guild's enemies when they do get a chance to play.


The Overlanders like engaging in friendly wars with other Guilds. By this, we mean Guilds that abide by a basic War Etiquette. If you belong to a Guild that is interested in being in a War with the Overlanders, simply contact one of Officers through the Wiki and/or in the Knights of the Rose forum.

Power LevelsEdit

For those wishing to engage in a War with the Overlanders, our current membership is as follows:

Level # Overlanders
20 - 24
25 - 29
30 - 34
35 - 39

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