Rocky Shores

Rocky Shores is the fourth map available. You'll now be facing more difficult enemy formations and enemy squads commonly from 2nd tier classes in pretty much every spot.

Loot includes equipment from level 36 to 46. Note that it is better to farm equipment at Dragon Island for loot that has better Fusion potential. The Skill cards for the Rattan Witcher and Legionnaire are also found here.

The Boss shouldn't be too difficult but his units are very strong compared to the other NPCs found nearby so you may need to do some gear hunting and levelling before you can beat him. For the Rodelero, Legionnaire, and Halberdier at the bottom, simply place a Broad Swordsman in position #2  and an Axe Infantry behind him in position #5 . This should be enough for those 3. Now place your strongest defensive Lancer or Ranger in position #1 with a Legionnaire or Rodelero in position #4 behind him. These 4 will act as your defensive line. Now place your strongest offensive Sorcerer in position #8 , behind your Axe Infantry, and then place any strong offensive unit in position #7 . If you are not level 40 yet, you will have to suffice with 5 units instead of 6, in which case forget about the Sorcerer.

Npc #1 - Formation

Magic Drummer - -
Legionnaire Crossbowman Ranger
Ranger - -

Reward 1: Light of Dawn (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #6 - Formation

Rodelro - Soercerer
Ranger - -
Ranger - Sorcerer

Reward 1: Tetstudo Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #2 - Formation

Axe Infantry - -
Rodelero Broad Swordsman -
Axe Infantry Archer -

Reward 1: Posiedon's Trident (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #7 - Formation

Broad Swordsman Sorcerer -
Rodelero Axe Infantry -
Broad Swordsman - -

Reward 1: Ghost Kris (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #3 - Formation

Magic Drummer - Ranger
Legionnaire - -
Magic Drummer - Ranger

Reward 1: Staff of Shadow (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #8 - Formation

Rodelero Crossbowman -
Rodelero - -
Lancer Lancer -

Reward 1: Giant Slayer (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #4 - Formation

Magic Drummer - -
Rodelero Ranger -
Ranger Axe Infantry -

Reward 1: Jarngreipr (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #9 - Formation



Axe Infantry - -
Lancer Ranger -

Reward 1: Bow of the Seraphim (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #5 - Formation

Magic Drummer - -
Legionnaire Broad Swordsman Ranger
- Rodelero -

Reward 1: Entangle Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #10 - Formation

Magic Drummer Broad Swordsman Lancer
Rodelero Halberdier -
Legionnaire - -

Reward 1: Starlight Warhorse Fragment (Rare)

Reward 2: None

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