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Robin Hood

The Prince of Thieves. During the third crusade, Richard the Lionheart was captured, and prince John took took the throne. Robin Hood was forced to hide in Sherwood Forest, leading a peasant army in robbing the rich and assisting the poor. The most priminent skill of Robin Hood was his superb archery.

Robin Hood - He is the heart of every oppressed people yearning for freedom.

Class: AssassinEdit

Though they lack great damage, their agility allows them to counterstrike against other melee units.

Skill: Shadow DestructEdit

Attacks the enemy with sudden lethality. Shadow Destruct Cards can be found at Ancient Battlefield 3.


Assassins are intended to be the more agile, skill-driven Infantry. They have the inate ability to counterattack after being hit by any melee attack. The problem lies in their relatively low attack making them somewhat weak as an offensive unit. Their defense isn't amazing either. One possible use for the Assassin could be to place them in the front row (position #1, #2, or #3) when your squad is on defense (garrison or Gold Mine protection). The Assassin will then get the 1st attack, followed by getting hit by their target (presumably in the front row opposite them), which will be a weakened hit ... only to counterattack that target again. This, however, is about the only situation where an Assassin can be advantageous over the other Infantry options. Their skill, Shadow Destruct, is somewhat vague in its description and it is still unclear what exactly it does. It does perform a basic impact attack, however any special effect is hidden. It is speculated that this attack has a slight chance to instantly kill the target regardless of the target's troop count, however this is unconfirmed.

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