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Pandora Text

Because Prometheus stole fire for mankind, Zeus plotted for a great catastrophy to descend upon man. He created a woman, and ordered the gods to dress her. The gods bestowed on her the art of seduction, and taught her various beautiful languages. Zeus then deployed her to destroy mankind naming her "Pandora."

Pandora - All evils appear beautiful and tempting.

Class: Rattan WitcherEdit

These mages can manipulate plants and drain health from enemies with entangling vines.

Skill: EntangleEdit

Harrass a troop and freeze their movement for one round with entangling roots. Entangle Cards can be found at Rocky Shores 5.


Rattan Witchers are a semi-defensive magic unit with several unique capabilities. Their normal attacks function the same as a Sorcerer although a bit weaker. Their skill, Entangle, acts as a strategic defense as it immobilizes the target making their target unable to attack in its next turn. It also leeches some life back to the Rattan Witcher. For this reason, it is usually ideal to increase the Rattan Witcher's morale as quickly as possible, and so placing them in the 1st row is not uncommon. They may also be placed behind a Magic Drummer, ideally in the 2nd row.

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