Moon Island

Moon Island can be accessed as early as level 51 but only after accumulating a minimum of 549 achievement points. When battling here, no gold is received however 20% of lost troops are automatically revived. 

Note: Equipment obtained from Moon Island has a greater chance to offer a higher star-potential and this is one of the two only locations available for farming Enchantment Card pieces in bulk.


Achieve Pts Loot 1 Loot 2 Rarity
1549Polar Warrior x8Staff of Torrential StormsUncommon/Very Rare
2549Spiny Lizard x8MegingiordUncommon/Very Rare
3549Wooden Pikeman x8Harbinger of DoomUncommon/Very Rare
4549Marsh Pikeman x8Lancelot's SpearUncommon/Very Rare
5549Iron Warhorse x8Breath of LavaUncommon/Very Rare
6549Headless Knight x8Gae BolgUncommon/Very Rare
7675Mushroom Archer x8Beast Rider x8Uncommon
8675Wither Mage x8Iron Masked x8Uncommon
9675Skeleton Axeman x8Enchanted Leaf x8Uncommon
10675Marsh Shamman x8Salamander Drummer x8Uncommon
11675Silver Infantry x8Death Vine x8Uncommon
12675Mustard Frog x8Fire Wheel x8Uncommon
13675Spotted Scorpion x8Ancient Armor x8Uncommon
14675Lich x8Giant Earth Worm x8Uncommon
15675Ghostly Assassin x8Crimson Lich x8Uncommon
16675Nightmare x8Dark Knight x8Uncommon
17675Bug Shooter x9Leeching Spore x9Uncommon
18675Polar Warrior x11Staff of NiftlheimUncommon/Very Rare
19675Spiny Lizard x11Blood of FafnirUncommon/Very Rare
20675Wooden Pikeman x11Herme's AxeUncommon/Very Rare
21675Marsh Pikeman x11Strength of JusticeUncommon/Very Rare
22675Iron Warhorse x11Bow of ChamuelUncommon/Very Rare
23675Headless Knight x11Purgatory Archon SpearUncommon/Very Rare
24759Mushroom Archer x11Iron Masked x11Uncommon
25759Wither Mage x11Enchanted Leaf x11Uncommon
26759Skeletal Axeman x11Salamander Drummer x11Uncommon
27759Marsh Shamman x11Death Vine x11Uncommon
28759Silver Infantry x11Fire Wheel x11Uncommon
29759Mustard Frog x11Ancient Armor x11Uncommon
30759Spotted Scorpion x11Giant Earth Worm x11Uncommon
31759Lich x11Crimson Lich x11Uncommon
32759Ghostly Assassin x11Crimson Lich x11Uncommon
33759Lich x11Leeching Spore x11Uncommon
34759Nightmare x11Dark Knight x11Uncommon
35759Bug Shooter x11Dragon Priest x11Uncommon
36759Howling Chariot x11Dragon Guardian x11Uncommon
37899Polar Warrior x13Wand of Final ReposeUncommon/Very Rare
38899Spiny Lizard x13Aegis of the GoddessUncommon/Very Rare
39899Wooden Pikeman x13Axe of Eternal MourningUncommon/Very Rare
40899Marsh Pikeman x13Force of ValorUncommon/Very Rare
41899Iron Warhorse x13RetributionUncommon/Very Rare
42899Headless Knight x13Eternal SpearUncommon/Very Rare
43899Mushroom Archer x13Iron Masked x13Uncommon
44899Wither Mage x13Enchanted Leaf x13Uncommon
45899Skeletal Axeman x13Salamander Drummer x13Uncommon
46899Marsh Shamman x13Death Vine x13Uncommon
47899Silver Infantry x13Fire Wheel x13Uncommon
48899Mustard Frog x13Ancient Armor x13Uncommon
49899Spotted Scorpion x13Giant Earth Worm x13Uncommon
50899Lich x13Crimson Lich x13Uncommon
51899Ghostly Assassin x13Crimson Lich x13Uncommon
52899Lich x13Leeching Spore x13Uncommon
53899Nightmare x13Dark Knight x13Uncommon
54899Bug Shooter x13Uncommon
55899Howling Chariot x13Uncommon
56899Dragon Priest x13Uncommon
57899Dragon Guardian x13Uncommon

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