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Merlin Text

The confidant of King Arthur, he was a legendary magician in English and Welsh mythology. He possessed powerful magic, profound wisdom, could reliably predict the future, and transform at will. He was most known with assisting King Arthur in winning the throne.

Merlin - "Want to know what will happen in the future? I predict that you will be playing Knights of the Rose."

Class: SorcererEdit

Basic magic troops good at attacking low defense units from a distance.

Skill: Arcane MissileEdit

Cast out an arcane missile that increases damage with distance. Arcane Missile cards can be found at Briar Farm 2 .


Sorcerers are the basic magic unit excelling in offensive damage output. They have, however, very low defense and so are generally suited as 3rd row units. The strength of their normal attack is not affected by what row they are in, however, their skill, Arcane Missile, does increased damage to a single target when the Sorcerer is in the 3rd row. Because Sorcerers are genrally in the back row, and are weak to all forms of attack (especially marksman), they are particularily vulnerable to attacks from Crossbowmen.

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