Knight's Tournament

The Knights Tournament is a special location available to all Players that are level 15 and higher. It is a place where you can test the strength of your 3 strongest Heroes against other Players.

Winning challenges will move you higher in the rankings (starting at 20,000) and also bumps down the Player that you defeated. Moving higher in the rankings rewards higher payouts per challenge, as well as a higher daily prize (in coins).

Losing a challenge has no effect, and will automatically reward you with a consolation prize of 100 coins.

Knight's Tournament 2

After selecting to enter the Knight's Tournament, you will be shown this screen with several stats.

  • Remaining Challenges that you are allowed to send. (10 given per day)
  • Your current Rank in the tournament
  • The time left before you can collect your Prize (resets daily at 6:00am EST)
  • Your Prize amount
  • The Rank that your Prize is for
  • A list of 12 available Players or NPCs to challenge. (NPC Heroes are placed to fill gaps for Ranks that no player currently has)

Knight's Tournament 3

Once you've chosen a target, you will be prompted to choose your attackers. The stats shown for each hero include..

  • Their battle record (Wins/Losses)
  • Attack (Equipment included)
  • Defense (Equipment included)
  • Luck
  • Level (this has no effect)

Choose your strongest 3 heroes to battle and then simply hope that you win. Note: Enchantments and Weapon modificatons (Divine Enchantments) are not included in calculating these stats. Same name bonuses are also not counted.

How each Challenge is decidedEdit

It is not immediately clear how it is decided who wins or loses a challenge. The method, however, is very simple. It is a "best of 3" scenario. The battle compares the stats of the two heroes directly and whichever has 2 stats higher than his/her opponent wins. If both have an equal amount in a particular stat, then the outcome is random.


Spartacus Tournament
Richard Tournament

Attack: Spartacus

Defense: Richard I

Luck: Richard I

In this battle, Richard would win (slightly) due to a higher Defense and Luck stat even though Spartacus has a higher total stat count. The annimation varies depending on how badly a battle is won or lost and the "suggested stat to raise" is chosen according to the stat that has the largest difference between the two (in the above example, if Spartacus was the attacking Hero, Luck would be chosen as the suggested stat to raise since the difference is 7 compared to defense having a difference of 2)..