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King Solomon Text

Known for his wisdom since childhood, Solomon ascended to the throne at 17. He married the princess of Egypt, and under his reign, the ancient Kingdom of Isreal witnessed great prosperity in all spects: politics, economy, culture, and military, and enjoyed a mass of wealth and supreme rights.

King Solomon - wisdom personified.

Class: CatapultEdit

These machines are incredibly lethal on the filed, but are vulnerable to fire and direct attacks.

Skill: AeroliteEdit

Rain down rocks on up to four enemy units. Aerolite Cards can be found at Dark Jungle 3.


Catapults are the strongest offensive Marksmen units available (and one of the strongest offensive units period). Its normal attack is devastating enough, and then its Skill, Aerolite, is even worse (as it hits up to four targets at full strength). With such strength must come a weakness though, and that is its very weak defense to all forms of attack (especially magic and melee hits). It should be obvious, then, that Catapults were meant to be in the 3rd row, as Crossbows are not a threat to them. The skill, Aerolite, does pretty much what it says in its description. It targets and hits up to four enemies at once ... the trick though is that it appears to choose its target(s) at random. The only requirement is that the four targets be adjacent in a 2x2 square. If no adjacent targets are left, then Aerolite will only hit 1 enemy.