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Julius Caesar Text

Julius Caesar was an outstanding military commander and politician in the late Roman Republic. Supporting an intense distinction between justice and injustice, Caesar also aroused enmity among his peers. Without fear, young Caesar conquered Rome in a civil war.

Caesar - "A leader's talent is like a double-edged sword, it can hurt others, as well as himself."

Class: LegionnaireEdit

Their giant tower shield allows them to activate the testudo formation, giving them great defensive powers.

Skill: TestudoEdit

Gain a solid defense against enemies below your level for two rounds. Testudo Cards can be found at Rocky Shores 6.


Legionnaires are similar to Rodeleros as they offer increased defensive capabilities with somewhat reduced attack. Legionnaires also take increased damage from infantry and magic attacks, with increased defense against cavalry and Marksmen (the same as rodeleros). The main difference lies in their skill, Testudo, which does no damage at all but rather puts up a defensive barrier. This barrier acts as a "meat shield" absorbing a certain amount of damage (determined by the level of the skill). If the amount of damage that would have been dealt is less than what the Testudo is capable of absorbing, then the attack is nulified down to 1 damage. If not, the attack does normal damage and Testudo is completely ineffective. It is noted that Testudo is far more effective at lower levels, while at higher levels it is less likely that an enemy of equal strength will have their attack nullified. Note that attacks from Axe Infantry cannot be nullified no matter the Testudo level. Legionnaires are best suited in the front row to act both as a defensive barrier, and also so that their morale will be raised quickly.

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