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Jeanne d'Arc

French Heroine of freedom. Born a peasant in the chaos of the Hundred Years' War, on her 16th year, she received a revalation from God, commanding her to lead the French army to defeat England. Amazingly she succeeded in leading them to numerous victories with her militar genius.

Jeanne d'Arc - You are the French goddess of freedom, and God took you with him on your passing.

Class: PaladinEdit

Blessed by a holy force, these troops can neither be immobilized by vines or dazed. They can also automatically heal themselves.

Skill: Holy BlessEdit

Calls down a holy blessing and revives some soldiers. Holy Bless Cards can be found at Cursed Field 2.


Paladins are similar to Rangers and Lancers in their offensive and defensive capabilities, however they take somewhat decreased damage from both Magi and Marksmen alike. As usual, they do increased damage to Infantry, and weakened damage to Spearmen as well. One of the Paladin's inate abilities is immunity to Stun (from Charge or Assault), and also to Vines (Entangle). Still, the main difference that the Paladin has from its lesser ancestors is its skill, Holy Bless, which is a defensive healing skill that revives lost soldiers of the Paladin himself. The amount of troops healed is a factor of both the Paladin's attack stat and the skill level. Taking all this into consideration, it is sometimes difficult to decide where to place a Paladin in any given formation, however its skills benefit it most in the front row. Still, though It can be a strong offensive attacker, it will end up using up turns to heal if it is hit too often (causing it to not do damage). On the other hand, its heal could make it an effective "meat shield" to absorb damage for back-row damage dealers.

Note: Paladin's self healing is not as useful as Rattan's, since the Paladins do not attack enemies while they heal, unlike the Rattan Witcher.

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