Items ScreenEdit

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The Knights of the Rose item screen is separated into 7 different categories.

  • Special - Contains items that can be used in a variety of specific instances.
  • Weapon - Shows all weapons you have available.
  • Armor - Shows all the armors you have available.
  • Skill Cards - Shows all the skill cards you have that can be used to upgrade a hero's skill.
  • Enchantment Cards - Shows you all the enchantment cards you have that can be used to magically transform your troops.
  • Building Materials - Shows you all the building materials you have; used to upgrade and remodel your buildings.
  • Temporary inventory - Shows you weapons and armors that exceed your inventory limit and serves as an overflow storage for such items

Special ItemsEdit

Most of the items under the special items tab can be used instantly inside of the Item screen, simply hover over them with your mouse to check out their functions. The following is a list of items that can be used either in the items screen or in various areas of the game.

2 Gems each or 60 Gems for 30 'Sands of Time' - These are automatically used when you speed up production on your land. Each one can speed up one hours worth of production time. Can be used for resource production, Castle Tax, or Hero Training.
4 Gems 'Spyglass' - Use these prior to a battle that has fog of war to detect enemy positions. Can be used when attacking another Player's Castle or for Boss Battles on the World Map.

100 Gems for 100 Trumpets

'Trumpet' - Used to Broadcast one message in the Chat Box. Messages are globally seen by all Players that are online.
3 Gems each or 25 Gems for 10 'Holy Water' - Used in the Enhance screen under the Heroes menu to randomly enhance your hero's attributes.
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4 Gems each or 115 Gems for 30 'Extra Taxation Tool' - Used to collect extra taxes from your castle after you have already collected more than 3 times in a day.
1 Gem

Jail Refresh Card - Used in the Jail screen to instantly refresh the players shown, giving you new targets to attack.


Gold: 30 Silver: 10 Bronze:3

'Gold/Silver/Bronze Keys and Chests' - Obtained as Mystery gifts sent from your friends. Match corresponding keys with chests to open them in the Gifts and Chests screen.
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40 Gems 'Soldier Card '- Each card instantly adds 10,000 soldiers to the Player's army.
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7 Gems 'Healing card' - Each card instantly heals 10,000 injured soldiers. If there are less than 10,000 injured soldiers available, the amount available will be healed.
Varies 'Truce Order' - Truce orders come in 4, 8, 12 and 24 hour varieties. When active, your castle cannot be occupied by other Players.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

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You can find equipment and parts by battling on the world map. The screen for each level will show you what type of equipment you can expect to find through battling there.

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The items listed here may not drop after every battle, fight multiple times on the same level to collect more items.

For more information, go to the Weapons & Armor page on this wiki.

Skill CardsEdit

Besides finding equipment while battling, you can also discover skill cards that can be used to upgrade your heroes' abilities.

Skill Cards

You will find the option to upgrade inside of your hero's screen, collect enough skill cards and meet the hero's level requirement in order to upgrade.


Card Hero Location
Arcane Missile Sorcerer Briar Farm 2
Arrow Shower Archer Briar Farm 4
Assault Lancer Leo's Castle 4
Charge Ranger Rocky Wasteland 4
Crescent Slash Broad Swordsman Rocky Wasteland 5
Crossbow Storm Crossbowman Leo's Castle 1
Double Strike Halberdier Rocky Wasteland 6
Execute Axe Infantry Leo's Castle 7
Testudo Legionnaire Rocky Shores 6
Entangle Rattan Witcher Rocky Shores 5
Smash Heavy Infantry Dark Jungle 1
Ram Rodelero Briar Farm 5
Aerolite Catapult Dark Jungle 3
Incendiary Bomb Grenadier Dark Jungle 4
Chain Lightning Lightning Mage Dark Jungle 9
Shadow Destruct Assassin Ancient Battlefield 3
Armor Piercer Musketeer Ancient Battlefield 8
Holy Bless Paladin Cursed Field 2
Spring Ode Priest Dragon Valley 1

Light Infantry


Axe Throwers

Hard Strike Light Cavalries ?

Enchantment CardsEdit

Enchantment cards are used to augment your troops powers and transform them into different looking units. Not only does the enchantment increases a hero's stats, it also changes their outward appearances and attacks.


You can find fragments of these rare items in battles and combine them together to form an enchantment card. Once you collect enough pieces of a single card, it will automatically combine itself and become available in your items screen.

You can find the option of enchanting a hero in the hero's screen. The option to enchant a hero is locked and does not become available until he/she has reached level 20.

Card Type Hero Type Location
Ancient Armor Defense Legionnaire

Dragon Island 20, 34

Moon Island 13, 29, 48

Beast Rider Defense Lancer

Dragon Island 14, 28

Moon Island 7

Bug Raider Defense Grenadier Mist Marsh 10
Bug Shooter Attack Musketeer Moon Island 17, 35, 54
Crimson Lich Defense Lightning Mage

Dragon Island 36

Moon Island 15, 31, 32, 50, 51

Dark Knight Defense Paladin Moon Island 16, 34, 53
Death Vine Defense Rattan Witcher

Cursed Field 3

Dragon Island 8, 18, 32

Moon Island 11, 27, 46

Demonic Assassin Defense Assassin Dark Jungle 10
Dragon Guardian Defense Armored Cart Moon Island 36, 57
Dragon Priest Attack Priest Moon Island 35, 56
Dragon Swordsman Defense Broad Swordsman Briar Farm 10
Enchanted Leaf Defense Sorcerer

Dragon Island 17, 30

Moon Island 9, 25, 44

Fire Wheel Attack Grenadier

Dragon Island 19, 33,

Moon Island 12, 28, 47

Gator Warrior Defense Axe Infantry Ancient Battlefield 10
Ghostly Assassin Attack Assassin

Dragon Island 35

Moon Island 15, 32, 51

Giant Wurm Defense Catapult

Dragon Island 21, 35

Moon Island 14, 30, 49

Golden Infantry Defense Heavy Infantry Dragon Valley 10
Headless Knight Attack Lancer

Dragon Island 13, 27

Moon Island 6, 23, 42

Howling Chariot Attack Armored Cart Moon Island 36, 55
Iron Masked Crossbowman Attack Crossbowman

Dragon Island 15, 29

Moon Island 8, 24, 43

Iron Warhorse Attack Ranger

Dragon Island 10, 26

Moon Island 5, 22, 41

Leeching Spore Defense Musketeer Moon Island 17, 33, 52
Lich Attack Lightning Mage

Dragon Island 36

Moon Island 14, 31, 33, 50, 52

Marsh Pikeman Defense Rodelero

Dragon Island 12, 25

Moon Island 4, 21, 40

Marsh Shaman Attack Rattan Witcher

Dragon Island 8, 18, 31

Moon Island 10, 27, 46

Mushroom Archer Attack Archer

Dragon Island 11

Moon Island 7, 24, 43

Mustard Frog Attack Legionnaire

Dragon Island 20, 33

Moon Island 12, 29, 48

Nightmare Attack Paladin Moon Island 16, 34, 53
Poisonous Spore Defense Archer

Dark Jungle 10

Dragon Island 28

Polar Warrior Attack Broad Swordsman

Dragon Island 9, 22

Moon Island 1, 18, 37

Salamander Drummer


Magic Drummer

Dragon Island 7, 31

Moon Island 10, 26, 45

Silver Infantry Attack Heavy Infantry

Dragon Island 19, 32

Moon Island 11, 28, 47

Skeleton Axeman Attack Axe Infantry

Dragon Island 7, 17, 30

Moon Island 9, 26, 45

Spiney Lizard Attack Halberdier

Dragon Island 9, 23

Moon Island 2, 19, 38

Spotted Scorpion Attack Catapult

Dragon Island 21, 34

Moon Island 13, 30, 49

Starlight Warhorse Defense Ranger Rocky Shores 10
Strawberry Frog Defense Halberdier Leo's Castle 10
Thorned Crossbowman Defense Crossbowman Cursed Field 10
Wither Mage Attack Sorcerer

Dragon Island 16, 29

Moon Island 8, 25, 44

Wooden Pikeman Attack Rodelero

Dragon Island 10, 24

Moon Island 3, 20, 39