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Hoder was a god of darkness and the brother to Baldr, the lord of light in Norse mythology. Malicious and cruel, he stubbornly waged a war with light itself. Loki was able to make use of his weak character to successfully direct him into slaying his brother.

Hoder: There is darkness wherever there is light, this is the truth of the world. But why must I always be in shadows?

Class: Evil MageEdit

Normal attacks become 30% stronger every turn.

Skill: NoneEdit

Since Hoder's regular attacks increase in power every time he attacks, he has no skill and therefore has no moral bar.


Hoder is possibly one of the most powerful offensive magic wielders available, matched only by the Sorcerers (in some situations). His base attack and defense capabilities are similar to that of the Sorcerer however the strategy behind using him effectively is a bit different. He still belongs on the back line, however in this case it is even more beneficial to keep Hoder alive as absolutely long as possible in order to allow his attacks to power up each time he hits. If Hoder is left to attack more than 4 times in a match, the odds are that he will devestate everything else from then on in a single hit.

Keep in mind, however, that his attacks ARE dependant on his troop count. For this reason, it is imperative that he be protected in order to make full use of his capabilities. Hoder is very overpowered at earlier levels, where he can quite litterally make or break a PvP team. Later on, his damage output begins to level out with the other magic weilder options (namely the Sorcerer).

Note: Hoder is the only hero that is of the type Evil Mage and can only be obtained through the Recruitment Officer event. There is no Tavern level required.

Warning: If you dismiss Hoder, you cannot get him back.

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