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Heracles Text

A demigod famous for his strength, the son of Zeus and mortal Alcmene, was the greatest hero in Greek mythology. He was extremely brave, and after completing the twelve incredible labours of Eurystheus, was granted immortality.

Hercules - Infinite power promises overwhelming victories.

Class: Heavy InfantryEdit

Armored veteran units with a high survival rate and good hand-to-hand combat, but still vulnerable against cavalry.

Skill: SmashEdit

Smash a unit for great damage. Also lowers their morale. Smash Cards can be found at Dark Jungle 1.


Heavy Infantry are defensive Infantry units designed to be front-row defenders. Their defense is higher than all other Infantry classes, while they still have adequate attack strength. Suffice to say, they still take increased damage from Cavalry and do increased damage to all forms of Spearmen. They also take increased damage from Magi and reduced damage from Marksmen (meaning they can also serve as back-row defense against Crossbowmen). Their skill, Smash, performs a slightly stronger impact attack while also lowering their target's Morale meter by 1 bar. If the terget's Morale meter is already empty, then it remains empty.

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