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Hannibal Text

 He was the most famous strategist in ancient Carthage, known as the Father of strategy. He took on Rome as his enemy throughout his life, and excelled in both war and diplomacy. For 16 years, he led a campaign against Rome with ill-equipped troops and insufficient supplies, yet nearly destroyed the Italian peninsula.

Hannibal - He is duly born for war.

Class: Broad SwordsmanEdit

Veteran infantry unit with balanced attack and defence. They are good at fighting all other units in melee combat except for cavalries.

Skill: Crescent SlashEdit

Slash one troop and cause continuous damage. Crescent Slash cards can be found at Rocky Wasteland 5 .


Broad Swordsmen are versatile units that are proficient at both attack and defense, but excel at neither. They are good to be used as 1st row attackers or 2nd row support. They do extra damage against all forms of Spearmen but do reduced damage against all forms of Cavelry, especially Grenadiers to which they do no damage at all. They can take adequate damage from ranged attacks as well. Creasent Slash deals increased impact damage as well as continuous damage which is dealt at the start of each round (equivalent to about 5% of the target's max troops). 

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