Gold Mine ArenaEdit


The gold mine arena is a PvP battleground where you can occupy mines with troops in order to amass gold.


This area becomes unlocked once your Castle reach level 12 and can be accessed through the tool bar, or found on the world map.


To start off, the Gold Mine that you are placed into depends on your Castle Level. Every player that is at the same Castle Level shares the same global Gold Mine, meaning if you are level 25, then all the other Level 25 Players will be in the same mine as you. This also means that ONLY players of the same level as you can plunder your gold.

Now, each of these Gold Mines is broken up into a series of smaller mines, with each generating a set amount of gold per hour, with the better mines producing more gold, but being more scarce on the map. Defeat the NPC enemies currently occupying a mine to take it under your control, or if the mine is already being held by another Player, you must defeat their squad instead. Hold it as long as you can in order to collect more gold. You will receive a bonus for every hour that you hold the mine. You can spend up to 4 hours per day in the mines.

Of course, bigger rewards comes with bigger risks, you can become attacked while in possession of a mine. If the enemy succeeds in plundering your mine, you will not only lose possession of the mine to them, but also a percentage of the gold you have already mined up to that point. If the attacker fails in robbing you and driving you out, they will have to pay an equal amount of gold in damages.

The following chart shows how much of the gold mined an attacker can plunder.


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