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Frederick II Text
As the King of Prussia and top tactical genius in modern Europe, Frederick the Great led his military forces personally to fight int he Seven Years' War. He managed to resist against three powers of the time -- France, Russia, and Austria. The military book "General Principles of War" was his masterpiece.

Frederic the Great - The more critical the moment is, the greater he appears.

Class: Magic DrummerEdit

This drum unit only fucuses on raising other units' morale.

Skill: InspireEdit

Boosts one troop's morale to max (3 bars).


Magic Drummers are the first of the support-style units. They have no attack at all and only serve to boost the morale of the other troops. Each turn, the Drummer casts Inspire onto another troop, instantly raising that troop's morale to max allowing it to cast its skill attack. Drummers have moderate defense against all forms of attack and can serve as "meat shields" to protect units behind. For this reason, they are best suited as 1st row defenders, while complimenting the attack power of the other units. Note that the skill, Inspire, does not have a level and cannot be raised. It is worth mentioning that, since the Drummers have no attack, their attack stat is completely irrelevent and its only possible purpose would be if that Hero were used in the Knight's Tournament.

NOTE: The Inspire may not always boost the morale of the troops, especially when the drummer level is lower than the level of the other units. The unit to be inspired is chosen randomly.

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