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Elizabeth I

Queen of England and Ireland and the last monarch of Tudors. She is also called the Virgin Queen since she never married. She brought great prosperity and flourishing culture to England. Famous literati like Shakespeare and France Bacon emerged during her reign. She's the reason why England enjoyed a golden age.

Queen Elizabeth I - I can only have one husband, and that is England.

Class: MusketeerEdit

These long ranged units can cause greater damage to armored troops, though they do have low defense.

Skill: Armor PiercerEdit

This ability pierces the enemy's armor and breaches their defense. Armor Piercer Cards can be found at Ancient Battlefield 8.


Musketeers are the last of the Marksman units which come with the ability to bypass and weaken their target's defenses. Their offense includes the inate ability to cause increased damage to all armored units (Rodelero, Legionnaire, Heavy Infantry, etc..) but at the cost of very low defense. Their skill, Armor Piercer, performs an extremely weak impact attack (usually less than 10 damage) but also lowers the target's defense stat for the duration of the battle. This skill can have its advantages, mostly in long, drawn out battles, however in most battles where given units only take a few hits to be eliminated, the skill actually acts as a setback as it affectively wastes a turn. In most situations, it is more effective to replace a Musketeer with a Catapult, however there are some select situations where this is not the case.