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Edward I Text

This king of England showed excellent political and military capability. In the era of Edward I, England was indisputably the most powerful country in Europe. Edward I developed the archers' potential over cavalry, and advocated the now famous english longbow to great military effects.

Edward I - The empire continues expanding amidst the twanging of bow strings.

Class: CrossbowmanEdit

These troops have longer range than archers and will attack enemies in the back first.

Skill: Crossbow StormEdit

Shoots out powerful arrows against the enemy. Crossbow Storm Cards can be found at Leo's Castle 1.


Crossbowmen are markman specialist that only target the back row. If the back row is empty, then they target the 2nd row followed by the 1st row. Their damage is comparable to Archers, however their ability to bypass 1st row defenders make them good as "sniper" units, targetting the weaker mages or other marksmen in the back. They are best suited in the 2nd row, as this way they can also be protected against attacks from enemy crossbowmen so long as a defensive unit is placed behind them. Crossbow Storm does normal damage but has an extremely high chance to do a Critical Hit resulting in an effective bonus of 100% damage. This, however, is dependant on how many troops are left in the Hero's squad.

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