Vampirus Valley

Dragon Valley, or otherwise known as Vampirus Valley on the World Map, is the 8th location available. At this point, the enemies are getting difficult and formations have 7 enemies each. By now, it is common to lose at least 400 to 500 troops per battle so your game may slow down quite a bit. All Hero Classes that exist are seen by now. 

Loot includes equipment from level 81 up to 88 and the skill card for the Priest. The equipment here cannot be found anywhere else, Moon Island doesn't go that high. That means, you're stuck farming here if this is the gear you're looking for (until another bonus island is added) There are also a couple of Hero Enchantment cards, however it's better to farm those at Moon Island.

Now then ... the Boss ... well the Boss is actually a joke this time. First off, if you detect the Boss and see a formation different from the one in the table below, go detect another Boss somewhere else and come back. Eventually you will get the formation below and that formation has one fatal flaw. Every single unit is unable to damage Grenadiers. This means, so long as you place a couple of decently levelled Grenadiers into positions #2 and #3, you are guaranteed to win. The only damage your Grenadiers will take could be from the enemy Broad Swordsmen using their Creasent Slash attack (causing minor damage each turn), but if your Grenadiers are at least somewhat levelled this shouldn't pose a problem. So yah ... enjoy.

Npc #1 - Formation

Broad Swordsman Catapult -
Heavy Infantry - Priest
Heavy Infantry Axe Infantry Lightning Mage

Reward 1: Spring Ode Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #6 - Formation

Magic Drummer - Lightning Mage
Magic Drummer Archer Assassin
Heavy Infantry Lightning Mage -

Reward 1: El Blade (Uncommon)

Reward 2: None

Npc #2 - Formation

Assassin Rattan Witcher Priest
Paladin - Crossbowman
Armored Cart Priest -

Reward 1: Ancient Armor Fragment (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #7 - Formation

Paladin - Lightning Mage
 Lancer     Lancer   Axe Infantry
Grenadier Lightning Mage

Reward 1: Suppressor of Spirit (Uncommon)

Reward 2: None

Npc #3 - Formation

Grenadier Crossbowman Lightning Mage
Grenadier Lancer


Grenadier - Lightning Mage

Reward 1: Armor of Raphael (Uncommon)

Reward 2: None

 Npc #8 - Formation

Grenadier Rattan Witcher -
Axe Infantry Rattan Witcher   Priest
Grenadier Rattan Witcher -

Reward 1: Sir Drake's Firearm (Uncommon)

Reward 2: None

Npc #4 - Formation

Magic Drummer Rattan Witcher -
Axe Infantry Rattan Witcher Archer
Heavy Infantry - Catapult

Reward 1: Giant Earth Wurm Fragment (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #9 - Formation

Magic Drummer


Grenadier Assassin Crossbowman
Grenadier Axe Infantry -

Reward 1: Viktoryia (Uncommon)

Reward 2: None

Npc #5 - Formation

Magic Drummer Priest -
Armored Cart Priest Armored Cart
Legionnaire Priest -

Reward 1: Dragon Orb Staff (Uncommon)

Reward 2: None

Npc #10 - Formation #1

Armored Cart Broad Swordsman -

Broad Swordsman

Priest Armored Cart
Armored Cart Rattan Witcher -

Reward 1: Golden Infantry Fragment (Rare)

Reward 2: None