Dragon Island can be accessed as early as level 21 but only after accumulating a minimum of 190 achievement points. When battling here, no gold is received however 20% of lost troops are automatically revived. 

Note: Equipment obtained from Dragon Island has a greater chance to offer a higher star-potential and this is one of the two only locations available for farming Enchantment Card pieces in bulk.

Stage Achieve Pts Loot 1 Loot 2 Rarity
1190Phoenix StaffDragon Horn StaffVery Rare
2190Leyding ArmorArmor of DromiVery Rare
3190Long StingerBlade of HeraVery Rare
4190Hand of MercyGuardian SpearVery Rare
5190Bow of ValiRepeating CrossbowVery Rare
6190Spear of MorningstarGiant HalberdVery Rare
7190Skeletal Axeman x2Salamander DrummerUncommon
8190Marsh Shaman x2Death VineUncommon
9213Polar Warrior x4Spiny LizardUncommon
10213Iron Warhorse x4Wooden PikemanUncommon
11213Mushroom Archer x4Stary HarpUncommon/Very Rare
12213Marsh Pikeman x4GleipnirUncommon/Very Rare
13213Headless Knight x4Damascus BladeUncommon/Very Rare
14213Beast Rider x4Dragon's SpineUncommon/Very Rare
15213Iron Masked x4Light of DawnUncommon/Very Rare
16395Wither Mage x4Poseidon's TridentUncommon/Very Rare
17395Skeleton Axeman x4Enchanted LeafUncommon
18395Marsh Shaman x4Death VineUncommon
19470Silver Infantry x4Fire WheelUncommon
20470Mustard Frog x4Ancient ArmorUncommon
21470Spotted Scorpion x4Giant Earth WurmUncommon
22470Polar Warrior x6Staff of ShadowUncommon/Very Rare
23470Spiny Lizard x6JarngreiprUncommon/Very Rare
24470Wooden Pikeman x6Ghost KrisUncommon/Very Rare
25470Marsh Pikeman x6Giant SlayerUncommon/Very Rare
26470Iron Warhorse x6Bow of the SeraphimUncommon/Very Rare
27470Headless Knight x6Spear of FortuneUncommon/Very Rare
28470Mushroom Archer x6Beast RiderUncommon
29470Wither Mage x6Iron MaskedUncommon
30470Skeleton Axeman x6Enchanted LeafUncommon
31549Marsh Shaman x6Salamander DrummerUncommon
32549Silver Infantry x6Death VineUncommon
33549Mustard Frog x6Fire WheelUncommon
34549Spotted Scorpion x6Ancient ArmorUncommon
35549Ghostly Assassin x6Giant Earth WurmUncommon
36549Lich x6Crimson LichUncommon