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Don Quixote Text
The most powerful strength of a truly great knight lies in his noble spirit. In an era of moral degeneration, which is more terrible, being called a madman or losing one's principles? Those who laughed at him never understood the meaning of true spirit and morality.

Don Quixote - Holding a broken spear and riding a shiny horse, this paladin rides proudly into the world.

Class: LancerEdit

These heavily armored cavalry units are truely an awesome sight to behold on the battlefield.

Skill: AssaultEdit

Charge through to damage up to 3 enemies. May even break through defensive spearman units. Assault Cards can be found at Leo's Castle 4.


Contrary to the in-game description, Lancers are not really armored units at all. Rather, their offensive and defensive capabilities are similar to that of the Ranger with some minor differences. Lancers take more damage from Magic attacks, while less damage from Marksman attacks. They still take reduced damage from infantry, and increased damage from spearmen though, and offer solid damage output against all forms of units except spearmen. The Assault skill is the same as the Ranger's Charge skill with one small variance that Assault has the possibility of bypassing spearmen, hitting the targets behind. This appears to have a probability of about 50%. Assault has damage independant of the number of troops left in the Hero's squad.

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