Dark Jungle

 Dark Jungle is the fifth map available. 3rd-tier Hero classes appear often in the enemy ranks such as GrenadiersRattan Witchers, and Catapults. There's no easy way to minimize casualties in this one so I'll leave the minor NPCs to you.

Loot includes gear from level 48 to 58 as well as the Skill Cards for the Heavy InfantryLightning MageGrenadier, and Catapult.

There are two possible Boss formations, however one is MUCH easier than the other, so if you get the formation that does not match the one in the table below, go to another location and detect a different Boss, and then come back here and detect this one again. Repeat until you get the formation described below. Once you have it, it shouldn't be too difficult. Start by placing strong defensive Heavy Infantry or Broad Swordsmen into positions #1, #2, and #3. Now place Axe Infantry or strong Sorcerers behind them in positions #4, #5, and #6. That should do the trick, but if you find your frontline Infantry is dying too quickly, you can try replacing them with strong defensive Rodelero or Legionnaires since those have better defense against the Catapults. You could also try using Crossbowmen in the 2nd row to hit the Catapults directly.

Npc #1 - Formation

Broad Swordsman - Archer
Halberdier Axe Infantry Archer
- Crossbowman -

Reward 1: Smash Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #6 - Formation

Magic Drummer Grenadier -
- Halberdier Grenadier
Magic Drummer Grenadier -

Reward 1: Meginglord (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #2 - Formation

Rodelro - Archer
Rodelero Axe Infantry -
Broad Swordsman Crossbowman -

Reward 1: Spear of Fortune (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #7 - Formation

Broad Swordsman - Archer
- Heavy Infantry Crossbowman
Broad Swordsman - Archer

Reward 1: Harbinger of Doom(Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #3 - Formation

Magic Drummer Rattan Witcher -
Legionnaire Axe Infantry -
Magic Drummer Rattan Witcher -

Reward 1: Aerolite Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #8 - Formation

Magic Drummer - Archer
Heavy Infantry - Rattan Witcher
Magic Drummer - Lancer

Reward 1: Lancelot's Spear (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #4 - Formation

Legionnaire Broad Swordsman Archer
Magic Drummer - -
Magic Drummer Crossbowman -

Reward 1: Incendiary Bomb Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #9 - Formation

Magic Drummer


- Lancer Rattan Witcher
Grenadier Crossbowman -

Reward 1: Chain Lightning Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #5 - Formation

Magic Drummer Ranger Catapult
Halberdier Ranger Heavy Infantry
- - -

Reward 1: Staff of Torrential Storms (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #10 - Formation

Legionnaire Catapult -
Legionnaire - Legionnaire
Legionnaire Catapult -

Reward 1: Poisonous Spore Fragment (Rare)

Reward 2: Demonic  Assasin Fragment (Rare)

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