Cursed Field Template

Cursed Field is the seventh map location available. At this point, you should be adept at countering a variety of formations. Most of the enemy monsters you've already seen with the exception of the Armored Carts found at the Boss.

Loot includes equipment from level 68 up to 78 and the skill card for the Paladin.

This Boss can be very ... VERY difficult if you get the wrong formation. If you get the other formation (that has 3 Grenadiers and 2 Armored Carts) then LEAVE and go "Detect" some other Boss. Then come back and detect this Boss again until you get the formation described in the chart below. Now then, to counter that formation, first place a Grenadier in position #2. This unit is immune from the enemy Armored Cart. Next, place any strong defensive heros into positions #7 and #9 (ideally Legionnaire). These will counter the crossbowmen. Finally, you want your strongest defensive cavelry (ideally Grenadiers) in positions #1 and #3 and your strongest offensive Sorcerer or Marksmen in positions #4 and #6 to deal with enemy Grenadiers. If your Heroes and equipment are good enough, this should suffice.

Npc #1 - Formation

Magic Drummer Crossbowman -
Axe Infantry Catapult Archer
Broad Swordsman - Archer

Reward 1: Purgatory Arahan Spear (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #6 - Formation

Magic Drummer Axe Infantry Archer
Magic Drummer - -
Magic Drummer Axe Infantry Archer

Reward 1: Axe Of Eternal Mouring (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #2 - Formation

Broad Swordsman Lightning Mage -
Magic Drummer Rattan Witcher Rattan Witcher
Broad Swordsman Lightning Mage -

Reward 1: Holy Bless Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #7 - Formation

Heavy Infantry Crossbowman Lancer
 Assassin     Rattan Witcher    -
  Axe Infantry Lightning Mage   -

Reward 1: Force of Valor (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #3 - Formation

Ranger Crossbowman -
Lancer Rattan Witcher

Heavy Infantry

Legionnaire Rattan Witcher -

Reward 1: Death Vine Fragment (Rare)

Reward 2: None

 Npc #8 - Formation

Magic Drummer Ranger -
Magic Drummer Lancer   Lancer  
Legionnaire Lancer -

Reward 1: Retribution (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #4 - Formation

Magic Drummer Crossbowman Catapult
Ranger Rodelero -
Legionnaire - Lightning Mage

Reward 1: Wand of Final Repose (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #9 - Formation

Axe Infantry


Axe Infantry Lancer  Ranger
Axe Infantry - Ranger

Reward 1: Eternal Spear (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #5 - Formation

Legionnaire Ranger -
Legionnaire Magic Drummer Ranger
Legionnaire Ranger -

Reward 1: Aegis of the Goddess (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #10 - Formation #1

Grenadier Heavy Infantry Crossbowman

Armored Cart

- -
Grenadier Crossbowman Heavy Infantry

Reward 1: Thorned Crossbowman Fragment (Rare)

Reward 2: None