Contrary to the in-game description, Lancers are not really armored units at all. Rather, their offensive and defensive capabilities are similar to that of the Ranger with some minor differences. Lancers take more damage from Magic attacks, while less damage from Marksman attacks. They still take reduced damage from infantry, and increased damage from spearmen though, and offer solid damage output against all forms of units except spearmen. The Assault skill is the same as the Ranger's Charge skill with one small variance that Assault has the possibility of bypassing spearmen, hitting the targets behind. This appears to have a probability of about 50%. Assault has damage independant of the number of troops left in the Hero's squad.


Headless Knight Beast Rider Lobstrosity
Headless Knight
Beast Rider
Attack Defense Special

Dragon Island

Moon Island

55 Diamonds

Dragon Island

Moon Island 7

55 Diamonds

Holiday Events

Enchantments take a varied amount of Enchantment Cards depending on the level of your Hero. The higher your Heroe's level, the more cards you will need.

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