Players can form or join guilds in Knights of the Rose.Once you do, you will receive a daily salary and gain the protection of fellow guild members to help you out if you are occupied by hostile forces. Guilds can declare war on each other, during which time occupation of an "enemy" castle awards the guild with Guild Points. These are needed to advance the guild to higher levels.


You can either choose to join or create your own guild by visiting the bottom section of your neighbors bar.


Clicking on join will bring you to the Guilds screen. You can find all guilds currently available in game here. Their guild notice, rank, and member amount will be listed as well as any requirements to join. You can apply to up to 3 guilds at a time.


You may also create your own guild for 200 diamonds if you choose. You may assign it a custom emblem and any name of your choosing (regular censor rules apply). You will automatically start as the guild master of any guild you create.


You will receive an automatic salary for being in a guild everyday. The amount of gold rewarded depends on the current level of your guild, your castle level and your Title in the Guild. A title depends on the total of Battle Points and Reputation Points. 


Once you are a part of a guild, you can check out information about your current guild from the Detail Info button. You can gain Battle Points and Reputation Points by helping out your guild. Gain reputation points by donating money to your guild, and battle points by attacking enemy guild members. A guild will need both in order to advance and level up.


Regular members can check out their fellow guildmates and their current Reputataion + Battle points by click on the Members button. They can also invest coins or diamonds to increase the guild fund to help the guild in leveling up. Guild masters can manage the guild to appoint officers, accept applications, change notices and set settings for guild applications. They can also level up their guild and declare war on other guilds

Each member of the guild has a guild title.  You can view the guild title by click on the button Details in the guild view.  After you attained a certain level of BP+Rep, you get a new title. Every higher Title is  directly proportional to daily gold salaries received. The guild title table is the following:

Guild Title Table
Guild Title BP + Reputation
Newbie 0
Private 115
Corporal 821
Sergeant 2436
Staff Sergeant 6104
Warrant Officer 11421
Second Lieutenant 19497
First Lieutanant 28250
Captain 40010
Senior Captain 51283
Major 65147
Lieutenant Colonel 78035
Colonel 93540
Senior Colonel 108716
Brigadier General 127491
Major General 145663
Lieutenant General 168007
General 336014
Commander 504021
Supreme Commander 672028

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