Armored Cart

Armored Carts are the strongest defensive unit in the game, as their description suggests. In this case, however, they also have relatively strong attack and so this unit can be a very powerful melee unit (suitable for the first row offense or defense). Still, there it has its weaknesses. One thing to take into consideration is that the Armored Cart cannot hit Grenadiers, so it is imperative to avoid placing them head to head. The other consideration is that they are most weak to Magic attack. As stated in the in-game description, Armored Carts have no ability at all (even though there is one labaled "Iron Wall").


Howling Charriot Dragon Guardian Unknown
No Image No Image No Image
Attack Defense Special

Moon Island

55 Diamonds

Moon Island

55 Diamonds

Holiday Events

Enchantments take a varied amount of Enchantment Cards depending on the level of your Hero. The higher your Heroe's level, the more cards you will need.

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