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Knights of the Rose uses a fixed set of buildings within the player's manor, each with its own function within the game.

Resource Generating BuildingsEdit

  • Castle - the castle is a source of taxation (gold coin income). Its level represents the your level and increases tax amount with each upgrade.
  • Farm - the farm produces food which is required for recruiting citizens. Food requires gold coins to plant and must be harvested before it wilts. Production capacity is increased with each upgrade to the farm.
  • Town Hall - the town hall is where citizens are recruited to the player's manor. Recruitment requires food. Recruitment capacity is increased with each upgrade to the town hall.
  • Barracks - the barracks are where citizens are trained to become soldiers for the player's army. Training requires citizens and gold coins. Soldier capacity is increased with each upgrade to the barracks.
  • Training Ground - the training ground offers a means to increase the XP of individual heroes outside of battle. Training requires gold coins or diamonds. Training capacity is increased with each upgrade to the training ground.
  • Hospital - the hospital allows players to revive soldiers wounded in battle and thus add these back to the available soldiers. Healing requires wounded soldiers and gold coins. Healing capacity is increased with each upgrade to the hospital.

Crafting BuildingsEdit

Alchemy Shop and Divine Shop

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Other BuildingsEdit


The Tavern is where you can find heroes for hire. Heroes are needed to lead soldiers to battle. In the Tavern screen you can see three heroes available to hire, their stats, troop type, and salary. Stats in green are higher than average, where as stats in red are lower than average. Throughout the day, heroes will come and go but you can also throw a party to attract new heroes if you're feeling impatient. Occasionally, you will encounter a Legendary Hero. As you upgrade the Tavern, you'll find heroes with new troop types and more Legendary Heroes, though the costs for hiring heroes and throwing parties will increase. The Tavern is also unique in that you can downgrade it. The distribution of heroes available to you depends on the Tavern's level, so if later in the game you wish to find more of the earlier troop types, you may want to downgrade the Tavern.

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The Treasury determines how much gold you can have at once. Upgrade it to increase your maxmimum gold.


The Jail is where captured lords (other players) are held. Click on the Jail to view a list players near you in castle level. You can visit these other players and attempt to occupy their castle. Successful occupations allow you to tax other players' castles and claim a portion of any resources they are generating.

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