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Beowulf Text

The legendary hero from the earliest epic poem written in English. He sailed across the ocean with 14 brave servants to help Denmark, a kingdom long bothered by a monstrous beast. He killed the mighty Grendel with his bare hands and then exterminated Grendel's mother, a water monster, with the help of a magical sword forged by the giants.

Beowulf - "I will take you down no matter what you are."

Class: Axe InfantryEdit

Offensive infantry unit, good at breaking through shields. The great axe they carry does slow them down and weaken their defences.

Skill: ExecuteEdit

Instantly destroys enemies at low health. Execute Cards can be found at Leo's Castle 7.


Axe Infantry are the offensive class of the infantry category. They have very high attack output, but suffer reduced defense as a cost. They still do reduced damage to cavalry, but deliver devastating attacks to spearmen and ranged targets (Magi and Marksmen). In addition, they take slightly reduced damage from magic attacks, however with their low defense this has little effect. The Execute skill delivers a solid impact attack which does increased damage to targets that are low on troops. Increasing the level of Execute increases the number of troops which is considered to be "low". Axemen, due to their increased damage and decreased defense, are best suited as 2nd row damage dealers or possibly 1st row defenders (similar to Halberdiers).

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