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Artemis Text
She was the goddess of the hunt and moon in ancient Greek mythology, excelling at archery. It's said that she had a lot of suitors, but refused to marry, choosing to forever pursue freedom and life in the forest with the nymphs.

Artemis - She comes as silently as moonlight, longbow pulled back like a waning moon.

Class: ArcherEdit

These long-range soldiers have greater attack power and will attack enemies on the front line first.

Skill: Arrow ShowerEdit

Fires a shower of arrows at three troops in the front row. Arrow Shower cards can be found at Briar Farm 4 .


Archers are the basic Marksman unit, capable of dealing moderate damage to all types of opponents. They do, however, somewhat reduced damage to armored units including Rodeleros, Heavy Infantry, and Armored Carts. They also do extremely high damage to Grenadiers and somewhat increased damage against most forms of Magi. The skill, Arrow Shower, targets the enemy in the same row as the Archer, and then hits all 3 enemies in the same column as that target. This allows Arrow Shower to potentially deal triple damage, however it is highly dependant on the opponent's formation. It is also, however, independant of the number of troops left in the Hero's squad making it a solid damage skill.