Ancient Battlefield

Dark Jungle is the sixth map available. Lightning Mages and Assassins are seen frequently and formations include 6 enemies per NPC. 

Loot includes equipment from level 56 to 66 and skill cards for the Assassin and Musketeer. It is still better, however, to farm this equipment at Moon Island.

As for the Boss, you will get one of two formations. If you don't get the one below, go detect some other boss and come back. Repeat until it works and you get the formation described below. To counter this Boss, put Crossbowmen in positions #1 and #2. This will cripple the Lightning mages in the back decently. Now, just place your strongest magic defense units everywhere with, ideally, a Broad Swordsman in position #3 to defend against the Legionnaire. If you're lucky, the Drummers will inspire the Legionnaire and waste one of its turns. Finally, it works very well to place Rangers in positions #4 and #5 as they are very likely to get off at least one or possibly two Charge attacks which is sure to finish off the majority of the battle. Axe Infantry work well too in any position. Do NOT use Lancers as they are weak to magic and the Lightning Mages will damage them too badly.

Npc #1 - Formation

Magic Drummer - Lightning Mage
Halberdier Axe Infantry -
Halberdier Rattan Witcher -

Reward 1: Breath of Lava (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #6 - Formation

Assassin Crossbowman Assassin
Rodelero - -
Assassin - Assassin

Reward 1: Hermes' Axe (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #2 - Formation

Lancer Lancer Crossbowman
Magic Drummer Lancer -
Lancer - -

Reward 1: Gae Bolg (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #7 - Formation

Rattan Witcher Catapult Rattan Witcher
- - -
Rattan Witcher Catapult Rattan Witcher

Reward 1: Strength of Justice (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #3 - Formation

Magic Drummer Catapult -
Legionnaire - Catapult
Catapult Catapult -

Reward 1: Shadow Destruct Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #8 - Formation

Grenadier Crossbowman Catapult
Magic Drummer - -
Grenadier - Catapult

Reward 1: Armor Piercing Card (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #4 - Formation

Grenadier - Catapult
Magic Drummer Catapult -
Assassin - Catapult

Reward 1: Staff of Niflheim (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #9 - Formation

Magic Drummer


Axe Infantry Musketeer -
Musketeer - Musketeer

Reward 1: Bow of Chamuel (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #5 - Formation

Magic Drummer Heavy Infantry Lancer
Magic Drummer Heavy Infantry -
Heavy Infantry - -

Reward 1: Blood of Fafnir (Rare)

Reward 2: None

Npc #10 - Formation

Easy formation

Magic Drummer Lightning Mage -
Magic Drummer Lightning Mage -
Legionnaire Lightning Mage -

Hard formation

Magic Drummer Lightning Mage -
Axe Infantry - Lightning Mage
Lancer Axe Infantry -

Reward 1: Gator Warrior Fragment (Rare)

Reward 2: None

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