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You can earn achievements one of three ways:

You will earn new titles based on your achievement points. The statue in the middle of your land will transform to reflect your current achievement levels.

Your achievement points will also determine how far you can progress at Dragon Island and Moon Island.


New Ranks come with new Statues next to your castle.

Statue Rank Achievement Points*
Knight Attendant 0-59 Knight Attendant 0-59
Apprentice Knight 60-172 Apprentice Knight 60-172
Bronze Knight 173-339 Bronze Knight 173-339
Iron Knight 340-559 Iron Knight 340-559
Silver Knight 560-833 Silver Knight 560-833
Gold Knight 834-1161 Gold Knight 834-1160
Baron Baron 1161-1540
Viscount Viscount 1541-1974
Count 1975-2461
Marquis 2462-2999
Duke 3000+